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Marine Science

Marine Science combines marine biology, the study of the ocean, its habitats, ecosystems and its life forms, with oceanography, the study of coastal environments, oceanic currents and the sea floor.


Students will be introduced to marine science with a closer look at oceanography and marine biology.

Image by Christoffer Engström

Exploring the Oceans

From the first voyage across the Atlantic to exploring the deepest parts of the Pacific, students will learn about the early exploration of our oceans.

Geology of the Oceans

Take a deeper look at the ocean's geology and the scientists who pieced together early Earth's history. 

Coast Line

Marine Environments

Explore the different marine environments that exist around the world and the numerous species that call them home.

More coming soon...

Each week we add more marine science content. Be sure to come back soon and check out our new additions.

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